Friday, 29 April 2011


A Fuck Me Friday entry.


I shiver as the wind rustles through the trees, plays upon my shoulders, blows my scarf around. The sun is setting and the temperature is dropping, dim moonlight replacing the harsh glow of day, wrapping the world in a sensual haze. I can hear the ocean lapping at the shore beneath the cliffs, lazily in and out, like a lover that wants to prolong the sensation. Occasionally a wave breaks on the rocks with a crash, and my breath catches in my throat imaging the passion in the white froth which spills across the sand.

The breeze catches my skirt and reminds me that I'm not wearing any pants, as if I could have forgotten. Although I come this way every day, this evening I feel different, as though I have offered my body to every passing stranger with my attire and demeanour, even though I have not made eye contact with any of them as they have walked by me. I noticed the coy glances and the drowning eyes that drank me in, hoping that I would not see. I blush as I consider that perhaps they rape me with their eyes every day and I do not notice. The only difference is that today I am hiding a secret of my own. A delicious secret that I cannot keep to myself any longer.

How long we have been meeting here in the gloom to fuck and love and be together, I can no longer remember. I would do anything for you, but perhaps you do not know. You have been hiding our romance for so long that I sometimes wonder if you acknowledge it yourself. When you asked me not to wear any panties I felt a flicker in me, of something new and so delightfully... sordid... that I have trembled all the way here and I am almost beside myself waiting for you to come and find me here and explore our dirty secret.

As if by magic, you are standing next to me. I startle, having been so absorbed in my thoughts that I did not see your arrival, an event that I am normally so keen for that I have to dig my fingernails into my palms to stop myself running to you. Never make a scene, you say. It wouldn't do for word to get back to my husband of our dusk liaisons by the sea. As if to agree, another wave breaks with a boom as you kiss me, the soft sigh of contentment slipping between my lips conveniently masked by the sound. I bite my lip as you slip your fingers between my heated thighs, but you give yourself away. You gasp as you stroke my sodden cunt, trying to disguise it as a heavy sigh into my neck, but I know. You can deny me to everyone else, but you cannot deny me. Here, among the trees, where no one but me and the ocean can witness your reaction, I will illicit the sounds from you that you would keep from everybody else.


Ahh, this is lovely :) Thank you for joining in the challenge, Elenya :)

Tasty and so tantalising... :)

Hi Elenya.

I loved your story of glorious anticipation, fulfilled at the end as his fingers found the wetness of your cunt.

Cheers, John

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