Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I've Moved!

This has been fun, hasn't it?

I've gone all professional-like now and I've got my own (shiny) website. Or rather, I've got three, but you can find them all through

I won't be updating this site anymore but please come over and join me at the all New (Slightly) Erotic Musings of Elenya Lewis, The Timeline or Monkey Tales.

Thanks so much for being awesome and I hope I won't lose you just because everything is in a different place now.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tales of Cheeky Monkeys...

I have never done a #SinfulSunday post before. And arguably this one is a bit tongue-in-cheek. But I'm posting it anyway, because it means a lot to me. These monkeys belong to myself and SmutMuppet. I almost live vicariously through them as they are together and Muppet and I seldom are. So indulge me for a moment, if you will.

The point of putting this post here is actually a small plug - I will be starting a sex blog soon that I have already alluded to in The Timeline and all three of these sites will come under So watch this space for Monkey Tales - my latest sordid little project. And in the meantime, I leave you with these cheeky monkeys....

The theme for the competition is Underneath. It is perhaps obvious that my monkeys are underneath a hedgerow. ;)

And another little sneak peek for you....
Coming soon!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'll Be Back

I began this blog almost a year ago. I've come on an incredibly long way in almost a year. I wrote 51 posts in 2011 - about enough for one every week. I've written a lot of fiction. I've learned a lot about publishing and how to write. I submitted my first piece to an editor. (The anthology is no longer going ahead, so it won't be published any time soon, but I still subbed!) I've met some absolutely fantastic people, both virtually and in real life. And I've learned a lot about myself. This time last year I was just starting to learn about myself - I'm still learning (and always will be) but I know more about myself now than I think I'd learned in the 25 years leading up to 2011. Nosce te ipsum has become a mantra.

Things changed a lot in September. I moved house to start a new job in a new part of the country. I left my husband... and found out my lover was married. It's been very hectic. I had to make a lot of changes, and I haven't really written any fiction since, NaNoWriMo notwithstanding. Unfortunately things are still in a constant state of flux, and I've decided that I won't be pressing myself to write anything for a while.

I haven't disappeared -  I'm currently writing my life story for fun and catharsis, and you can find it here. I'm also making a lot of sock monkeys. I'm on Twitter regularly and manage to make the London Erotic Meets roughly every other month. Please do stay in touch!

This is not goodbye. This is "see you some time." I shall be back, and trust me, I'll let you know all about it when it happens.

Thanks all so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Elenya x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Excerpt 4

Follow the tag Nipisi for more from this work in progress...

Juliet sat with her back to the door and pushed like her life depended on it.

“You have to let me in,” said the Nipisi on the other side.

“No I don't,” she thought back, too concentrated on the exertion of trying to keep the door shut to manage physical words. She couldn't keep them out. They were stronger than her. But she was going to try for as long as she could. She would retain her humanity. They could not stop her from remembering any more. They couldn't break her. They would not break her. Right here, with her back pressed against the door, she was sending them a message that she was going to win. She didn't know what winning was going to be. Knowing that there was an outside world didn't mean she wanted to see it. She didn't know what she was doing here and she couldn't remember how or why she ended up in this cave, but she wanted control of her own thoughts. She wanted freedom to decide what she wouldn't and wouldn't remember. She wanted to feel like a human being again.

“Juliet, you're sick,” said the Nipisi, “let us in so that we can help you.” Juliet could feel the weight of the nurse pressing against her mind, trying to soothe her, trying to make her calm down so that they could sedate her. But then what? For more days than she could remember now she had been suffering visions like headaches, suddenly and unexpectedly cascading down on her when she tried to think about anything. She knew that the nurses were poking about in her mind and she couldn't stop them but she also knew that they were failing. She was tired of the things that they were trying that didn't work. Couldn't they just leave her alone? Couldn't they allow her to remember things? Was that so dangerous?

“Stop it!” she screamed, surprised to find that the sudden burst of anger gave her strength. “Stop trying to control me! You can't do it! Leave me alone!”

“Juliet, we can't do that.” The voice was as level as if they were asking her if she wanted tea. How could they be so passive? Couldn't they see they were hurting her? Couldn't they see that they were making her sick? “Please, let us in.”

Juliet sagged against the door, finding that her strength was beginning to fail. She knew that they would overpower her, but she couldn't stop trying. The door gave an inch and Juliet rammed against it, shoving it back in place. Her feet were starting to slip; the carpet didn't allow much purchase.

“Should we call the Enforcer?” A different voice on the other side of the door. There were more of them now. This was her last stand. If more of them pushed against the door then she would certainly lose. Why were they letting her hear? Why weren't the keeping their conversation to themselves?

“If we call the Enforcer we'll be in trouble.”

Juliet knew that name, and it made her afraid. She let up for a moment and the door pushed opened a fraction. She watched it with wild eyes, knowing that if the Enforcer got called in then she was certainly finished. Probably in more than just a mental capacity. She pushed more urgently. She was starting to sweat.

“We're in deep trouble here already.”

The Nipisi were scared. If they were scared of the Enforcer then she definitely should be. The gap in the door was getting wider. She squeezed her eyes shut and wondered if she could find any more strength to keep them out. She couldn't give up, she just couldn't...

“She can't hold out and she knows it. Just give it more time.”

“Please,” she thought, “please leave me alone,” but it sounded futile, even to her. She was too tired to keep going. She couldn't help it. The door gave another inch. Her feet slid on the carpet. She tried to dig in but it wasn't going to help, she was going to lose and it was going to happen soon...

A tentacle found it's way through the gap in the door and snaked it's way towards her. The Nipisi couldn't see where it was going but it was just a matter of time before he found her. She tried to shuffle over out of the way but that ruined her leverage on the door and just gave him more room to get another long feeler through. The bud on the end flexed in and out like it was breathing.
“What are you going to do?” asked Juliet. She couldn't take her eyes off the tentacles but she tried to keep pushing. There was no response, just the determined searching of the Nipisi to get hold of her.

“Answer me!” she shouted, and then everything happened at once. The Nipisi's limb found her and coiled around her neck, effectively paralysing her. Her feet lost their purchase on the carpet and she slipped, the door crashing open even as she fell against it. The Feeder made his way into the room unsteadily, even though he was so solid that he couldn't have lost his balance when the door gave in. He didn't let go but wrapped another limb around her waist, lifting her straight off the floor and tightly into his embrace. She was held fast as two nurses followed the Feeder in, closing the door behind them quietly. One of them held a large syringe.

“Oh god, no,” thought Juliet. The three Nipisi stood sedately as she shook with exhaustion and fright, desperately trying to think of a way out of this. The nurse with the syringe made a move towards her and she wondered how they could be so calm when she was struggling so much.

“Wait!” she shouted, her eyes on the syringe, “lets talk about this!”

The nurse didn't stop moving but she saw her his eyes flick to the other nurse.

“Juliet,” said the other nurse serenely, “there is nothing to talk about.”

Friday, 25 November 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Excerpt 3

Follow the tag Nipisi for more from this work in progress!

Dark. Always dark. When there was so much light in her dreams it was hard to understand why it was so dark every time she woke up.

She was shaking a little bit and her body was too hot. It had been a few days since the last harvest and her body was tight and tingling. Her nipples were sore and her cunt throbbed and her skin felt flushed and over-sensitive. When she rolled over in the bed and the cover touched her she moaned, as though someone else were touching her. She needed to be fucked. She found her fingers drawing towards her clit and wondered what she was doing. She didn't know why but she needed to touch herself. Spreading the folds of her labia, she dipped her fingers into her wetness. She bit her lip and allowed her body to sag into the sensation. This wasn't like the harvest. This was different.

Since the Nurse has fixed her, she was remembering more. She had spent hours in the last few days going through her mental map, rearranging things, reliving memories that she didn't know she even had, piecing together a life that she hadn't known existed. She knew that there was a world outside the cave in which she lived. She knew about the sky and the sea and about windows with light that didn't come from globes. She knew about planets where there were no Nipisi and about other people and talking and laughing with them. She didn't really talk to people here. She was beginning to change. And now she was touching herself and she knew that too came from some memory. She had been touched like this before.

She knew to rub slow, languid circles around her clit. This was a lazy, warm sensation, not frantic and enhanced like it was with the Nipisi. This was pleasure for the sake of it, not for the harvest. She remembered the feeling of the delicate flaps of skin between her fingertips and how her skin felt like it was on fire when she traced her fingers along it. She was somewhere between discovering her body for the first time and remembering that it had been there all along. Her breathing was slow and uneven. She could feel knots in her stomach tightening and uncoiling.

Flashes of memories occasionally filled her vision. They were memories of moments like these, hot and sticky and filled with a contrasting sense of urgency but not wanting it to be over. Sometimes there were faces but they were indistinct. There were fingers that weren't her own but that felt just as good. There were whispered words that made her entire body tremble with delight. There was peace and wonder and a deep, deep sense of satisfaction. Her knees twitched and her back arched her off the bed. She curled her toes as tendrils of heat twisted through her body. She was going to have an orgasm, right here on her own. She felt wicked and dirty, as though she shouldn't be doing this, but it felt so unbelievably right.

She murmured a sigh of contentment as her fingers continued their motion. Dipping in and out of her pussy, rubbing the length of the folds of her labia, around and around her clit until she didn't think she could stand the touch any more and then sweeping away only to begin the delicate dance again. After a few more motions of this, she could feel a churning sensation low in her belly. She almost stopped because of the shock of it. She wanted to feel every moment of this. It was so intense and yet it was not intense like being harvested, where there was plain and pleasure and the discomfort of being tapped like a river by the Feeder. This was all pleasure. It almost tasted sweet. It was a number of things that she barely remembered.
At the very peak she felt the shudder begin to take over her whole body and she closed her eyes and almost lifted her entire body off the bed.

“Oh Simon!” she cried, and there it was, the wave of sensation that flooded through her from the top of her head right to the tips of her toes, leaving her entire body throbbing and light, like it didn't belong to her. She was warm, so warm. And so tired. Even as her body felt far away it felt heavy, her arm and legs weighted down so she could lift them. She allowed herself another sigh of contentment and realised she was sleepy. She didn't want to move from this position at all. It was too lovely. She wanted to just lie here for a bit and savour this sensation. Yes, that was a good idea, she'd just keep her eyes closed for a little bit longer and let herself recover. Gosh, what a good girl she was. What an odd sensation and yet so fulfilling and so wonderful. How could she have forgotten about this?

On the fringes of her consciousness she was aware of voices.

“This is too dangerous.”

The voice was not her own and she was too drowsy to wonder who it was.

“What would you have us do?” A different voice.

“She is too strong. I don't like it.”

“We can't just cast her out. She remembers too much.”

“You need to break her.”

There was a noise, something like exasperation.

“If I break her, she'll be useless to us. If she wasn't such a rich harvest we wouldn't have kept her here so long.”

“What are we to do?”

“You need to harvest her soon. Her body is going into shock.”

“Very well.”

“We're watching her.”

“Not hard enough.”

“Sorry, sir.”

A pause.

“You know nothing of sorrow.” The voice was tinged with so much malice that a shiver of fright ran through Juliet's body, even as she was drifting off too sleep. “You will be far more sorry by the time I am done with you if this situation is not resolved to my satisfaction.”

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Escape From the Pleasure Planet ~ The Synopsis

This should give you a little insight into what my NaNoWriMo is about. For simplicity's sake, I'm only posting excerpts from Juliet's point of view here, but Abby and Simon should pop up later on!


Simon and Abby have arrived at Entero, the galaxy reowned “Pleasure Planet,” for the seventh and final time. Exhausted and disillusioned after years of searching Entero for Simon's missing childhood friend, they are all but out of hope. A chance meeting with a stranger throws up a vital clue which could lead them to an answer – but they're no longer so sure they want to find out what it is.

Juliet is all but declaring mental war on the telepathic Nipisi that run Entero. Frustrated by memories of a life she doesn't remember and a man she can't forget, she is fighting back against the caring but selfish alien race that are determined to control her mind.

When the two worlds finally collide, the fallout is unimaginable. Juliet has spent years at the mercy of captors who have controlled her through her sexual cravings and knows nothing of intimacy. Simon is torn between the woman he thought he'd lost and the woman that never left him. And Abby wants to help Juliet to begin to rebuild her broken life – even if it requires some unconventional therapy.

With their impossible mission seeming to be at an end, the three face more questions than they started with. Can they help each other to find the things that were lost? Or has time taken away any chance they had at normality?

NaNoWriMo 2011, Excerpt 2

Another excerpt from Escape From the Pleasure Planet. This is a few chapters later on from this bit.

It was a starry, starry night...
[Juliet] couldn't open her eyes, and she couldn't move. There was nothing but an inky haze. She couldn't access her mind map and she was confused. Was she awake or asleep? Was she dreaming?

Images flashed in her vision, their details obscured and indistinct. Faces that she didn't quite remember surrounded her. Voices echoed in her ears that she was sure she'd heard before. She sighed inwardly. Her mind was now a battlefield, the casualties of several years of memory repression and mental manipulation and the constant battle to retain things that she didn't want to forget. Neither side was winning. She couldn't remember anything distinctly any more, but the Nipisi could no longer keep her from remembering. It was going to take a lot of Nurses a very long time to sort this out.

She was sat in a seat in a large container. Through the small window to the side of her she could see nothing but blackness and thousands of tiny pricks of light, stretching away forever. Giant spheres passed them by as she watched. The vessel was moving at quite a speed. She was surrounded by people that she didn't know, not all of them even human, but no Nipisi anywhere. She was slightly scared, and sore. She rubbed her temples and her face was bruised and swollen. A man was watching her from a seat on the other side of the vessel with concern, and she hid her face away from and stared out the window intently. She didn't want to talk to him. She didn't want his concern. She wanted him to forget that she was there. She wanted to forget who she was.

A sphere – a planet – was coming into view if she peered in the direction that the vessel was going. A thrill of excitement shot through her. She'd always wants to come here, in a way. It was like a little curiosity in her that had never had the chance to voice itself. Even when she was happy, she had wondered what this planet would be like. Now that she was broken and unhappy, she needed to know. It was like a compulsion. The planet was vast, big expanses of purple in amongst writhing waves of gases obscuring something else, and to the north, she could see giant buildings of grey stone, similar to the ones that she knew from home. Here was a planet that was both alien and human. It was a curious juxtaposition, but she felt comforted knowing that she was not leaving home entirely behind, and yet here was a place that she didn't need to be reminded of it constantly.

She wasn't sure why she'd lied about her name on the boarding form. She just knew that she didn't want to be herself any more. She wanted to be somebody different, even if it was just for a little time. As the vessel came into dock on the planet, she felt a little surge of excitement and a little bit of terror. How long would she be here? She didn't know. Hopefully long enough to forget what she was leaving behind and build herself a life that she could live with.

The memory faded away and Juliet lay looking at the inside of her eyelids.

She'd changed her name? How had she forgotten that? And what had it been before?


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