Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Escape From the Pleasure Planet ~ The Synopsis

This should give you a little insight into what my NaNoWriMo is about. For simplicity's sake, I'm only posting excerpts from Juliet's point of view here, but Abby and Simon should pop up later on!


Simon and Abby have arrived at Entero, the galaxy reowned “Pleasure Planet,” for the seventh and final time. Exhausted and disillusioned after years of searching Entero for Simon's missing childhood friend, they are all but out of hope. A chance meeting with a stranger throws up a vital clue which could lead them to an answer – but they're no longer so sure they want to find out what it is.

Juliet is all but declaring mental war on the telepathic Nipisi that run Entero. Frustrated by memories of a life she doesn't remember and a man she can't forget, she is fighting back against the caring but selfish alien race that are determined to control her mind.

When the two worlds finally collide, the fallout is unimaginable. Juliet has spent years at the mercy of captors who have controlled her through her sexual cravings and knows nothing of intimacy. Simon is torn between the woman he thought he'd lost and the woman that never left him. And Abby wants to help Juliet to begin to rebuild her broken life – even if it requires some unconventional therapy.

With their impossible mission seeming to be at an end, the three face more questions than they started with. Can they help each other to find the things that were lost? Or has time taken away any chance they had at normality?


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