Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Escape From the Pleasure Planet, a NaNoWriMo Novel

Not a terribly long novel at the moment, either. I haven't been writing for a few months because there's been a whole lot of stuff going on, but I'm currently chipping away at my National Novel Writing Month attempt. I've been taking part in NaNoWriMo for a few years, and I help to organise the meetings in Bristol & Bath and it's utterly the highlight of my year. Without NaNoWriMo I would never have got properly into writing. I would never have finished a novel, or found that I love writing Erotica, or met some of my dearest friends. It has in many ways changed my life. How many endeavours can you say that about?

I don't intend to post all of my novel, but I thought it'd be fun to post bits of it here, just to prove to you that I'm still alive, and that I'm trying my hand at something altogether more daunting than anything I've ever written.

Oh yes. This is tentacle fantasy set in space. And in the true spirit of NaNoWriMo, it's very rough around the edges. In fact, my tentacle monsters, seriously look more or less like this:

If you'd like to read more of that, go here. Seriously. Awesome.
For clarification, my be-tentacled (also telepathic) alien race are called the Nipisi, and they feed on sexual energy from each other and from humans. There are three classes: the Feeders, who have the joyous task of "harvesting" the energy, the Nurses, who look after everybody, and the Underlings, who are the servant class and generally get the shit jobs and get fed upon by everyone else. Well, most of them do...


When [Juliet] awoke, the room was dark. It was cold and damp and smelled unfamiliar. She could feel a breeze along the floor and the damp smell rose with each gust. Her skin goosepimpled and blushed. The comfy pants she had been wearing were gone. She was wearing a thin tunic like the one she sometimes wore when the Nurses checked her, and she was cold. Something was wrong.

A long, thin limb coiled under the tunic and up her back, delicately tracing her skin as it travelled upwards and out the top of the tunic. It coiled around her neck a few times and squeezed gently, knocking the air from her lungs.

“Don't scream.” The voice was raspy and rough and resounded harshly around her thoughts, bouncing off the mental walls in place to keep the Nipisi from the areas she didn't want probed, like her personality.

"What? Who are you?" She didn't need to say the words, thinking them was enough. The Nipisi heard. Juliet didn't need to see the pale and pasty body of the underling to know that it was him.

"Hush," said the underling, "you've seen this before."

"What?" Juliet was confused.

"I remember when you first arrived, so pink and fresh and weak." The voice was unpleasant and Juliet couldn't help but squirm. They were not the easy, smooth flowing words of a feeder or a nurse, they were unpractised and unskilled. She could barely believe he had his appendages wrapped around her but even as she thought, he was sliding one slick, bud shaped fist down her stomach and parting her thighs to slip between her legs, where her lips were moist and waiting, a side effect of the drugs which the Nurses fed her after each harvest.

"No," she said. The underling squeezed her neck, choking off her air, using the moment also to wrap a thick coil around her breasts, teasing her nipples so that they swelled beneath his touch, hard and sensitive.

"You don't have a choice," said the underling. Juliet wasn't sure what to do. He was right, to an extent, her body would react to his touch as though he were [a feeder], but her mind recoiled from the thought of him feeding from her. It was dirty and disgusting. He was an underling. She was far too prized a possession to be fed from like this.

"Are you?" he asked. "Aren't you just a plaything of your master, to be harvested and fed upon just as I am? What's so wrong with my touch that I disgust you so?"

"You're not right," she thought weakly, "you're not allowed to taste me, you may be no better than me but you're not my equal."

"Wrong." The fist pentetrated her and she let out a hiss of air as it expanded and filled her, caressing her insides and causing a muffled moan to escape her lips. Unfurling from around her neck, the underling continued his upwards journey, pulling on her hair and dragging around her mouth to gag her. She bit down by the underling was undeterred.

"Feisty," he said, drawing out of her cunt and plunging back in, sending a fibril further back to probe the delicate pucker of her anus. "Do you like it there too?" he asked, lubricating her with his own vile fluids before diving in, causing Juliet to nearly double over with pain and surprise. She loved it there, she really did, but she didn't want him to know that. She couldn't let herself be taken and used by an underling like this.

She could feel him battering against the inside of her head, trying to find the walls which made her dislike him so, trying to pierce and penetrate her mind so that he could invade her body and release the pleasure that he needed to feast upon. Juliet considered her options. She could allow him access and give herself over but know that she would be reviled amongst her peers as a slut, one that enjoyed debasement from all Nipisi kind. He was not strong enough to overpower her.

“You once were. You were once a happy little whore, fucked and owned and taken by any that wanted you,” replied the underling, squeezing on her breasts and gently, so gently stroking her ass and her cunt and making her quiver with unwanted lust and desire. “There, I can feel it. You want me. You want to be overpowered and fucked like this. You're a filthy whore, just like me.”

Juliet's eyes were slits, tears forcing themselves out, her body shaking and sweating as the underling tried to work out what it was that would make her submit to him. She flailed her hands and he grabbed them, pulling one then the other behind her back.

“You don't have any more limbs to restrain me with,” she thought triumphantly. Releasing her aching cunt, he forced her to her knees, pulling on her wrists so that pain shot through her arms and into her shoulders. She tried to cry out but his fist in her mouth made her choke.

“Don't try me, slut.” A thrill of excitement ran through Juliet before she could clamp down on it and hide it from the creature. “That's what you get off on,” he said. He pushed her down into the floor, stroking her splayed ass as she choked and gagged and tried to breathe. The tone of his voice had dropped a couple of semi-tones and his low bass growl reverberated inside Juliet's bruised mind and stroked the aching walls of her conscious, rumbling quietly in a way which made her knees shake.

He had found the spot inside her that no Nipisi had touched in years.


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