Friday, 25 November 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Excerpt 3

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Dark. Always dark. When there was so much light in her dreams it was hard to understand why it was so dark every time she woke up.

She was shaking a little bit and her body was too hot. It had been a few days since the last harvest and her body was tight and tingling. Her nipples were sore and her cunt throbbed and her skin felt flushed and over-sensitive. When she rolled over in the bed and the cover touched her she moaned, as though someone else were touching her. She needed to be fucked. She found her fingers drawing towards her clit and wondered what she was doing. She didn't know why but she needed to touch herself. Spreading the folds of her labia, she dipped her fingers into her wetness. She bit her lip and allowed her body to sag into the sensation. This wasn't like the harvest. This was different.

Since the Nurse has fixed her, she was remembering more. She had spent hours in the last few days going through her mental map, rearranging things, reliving memories that she didn't know she even had, piecing together a life that she hadn't known existed. She knew that there was a world outside the cave in which she lived. She knew about the sky and the sea and about windows with light that didn't come from globes. She knew about planets where there were no Nipisi and about other people and talking and laughing with them. She didn't really talk to people here. She was beginning to change. And now she was touching herself and she knew that too came from some memory. She had been touched like this before.

She knew to rub slow, languid circles around her clit. This was a lazy, warm sensation, not frantic and enhanced like it was with the Nipisi. This was pleasure for the sake of it, not for the harvest. She remembered the feeling of the delicate flaps of skin between her fingertips and how her skin felt like it was on fire when she traced her fingers along it. She was somewhere between discovering her body for the first time and remembering that it had been there all along. Her breathing was slow and uneven. She could feel knots in her stomach tightening and uncoiling.

Flashes of memories occasionally filled her vision. They were memories of moments like these, hot and sticky and filled with a contrasting sense of urgency but not wanting it to be over. Sometimes there were faces but they were indistinct. There were fingers that weren't her own but that felt just as good. There were whispered words that made her entire body tremble with delight. There was peace and wonder and a deep, deep sense of satisfaction. Her knees twitched and her back arched her off the bed. She curled her toes as tendrils of heat twisted through her body. She was going to have an orgasm, right here on her own. She felt wicked and dirty, as though she shouldn't be doing this, but it felt so unbelievably right.

She murmured a sigh of contentment as her fingers continued their motion. Dipping in and out of her pussy, rubbing the length of the folds of her labia, around and around her clit until she didn't think she could stand the touch any more and then sweeping away only to begin the delicate dance again. After a few more motions of this, she could feel a churning sensation low in her belly. She almost stopped because of the shock of it. She wanted to feel every moment of this. It was so intense and yet it was not intense like being harvested, where there was plain and pleasure and the discomfort of being tapped like a river by the Feeder. This was all pleasure. It almost tasted sweet. It was a number of things that she barely remembered.
At the very peak she felt the shudder begin to take over her whole body and she closed her eyes and almost lifted her entire body off the bed.

“Oh Simon!” she cried, and there it was, the wave of sensation that flooded through her from the top of her head right to the tips of her toes, leaving her entire body throbbing and light, like it didn't belong to her. She was warm, so warm. And so tired. Even as her body felt far away it felt heavy, her arm and legs weighted down so she could lift them. She allowed herself another sigh of contentment and realised she was sleepy. She didn't want to move from this position at all. It was too lovely. She wanted to just lie here for a bit and savour this sensation. Yes, that was a good idea, she'd just keep her eyes closed for a little bit longer and let herself recover. Gosh, what a good girl she was. What an odd sensation and yet so fulfilling and so wonderful. How could she have forgotten about this?

On the fringes of her consciousness she was aware of voices.

“This is too dangerous.”

The voice was not her own and she was too drowsy to wonder who it was.

“What would you have us do?” A different voice.

“She is too strong. I don't like it.”

“We can't just cast her out. She remembers too much.”

“You need to break her.”

There was a noise, something like exasperation.

“If I break her, she'll be useless to us. If she wasn't such a rich harvest we wouldn't have kept her here so long.”

“What are we to do?”

“You need to harvest her soon. Her body is going into shock.”

“Very well.”

“We're watching her.”

“Not hard enough.”

“Sorry, sir.”

A pause.

“You know nothing of sorrow.” The voice was tinged with so much malice that a shiver of fright ran through Juliet's body, even as she was drifting off too sleep. “You will be far more sorry by the time I am done with you if this situation is not resolved to my satisfaction.”


Found your blog through a link on Samantha Whitney's website. Must say, I like your style and format of writing. Can't wait to read more of "Escape from Pleasure Planet." BTY I'm now a follower of your blog. Join me, if you would like at my website:

Don't feel bad if you choose not to follow my site. This was just a quick note to say I like your stuff.

Thanks very much for your comment! Glad you stopped by. I read some of Samantha Whitney's stuff, I keep meaning to write a lil review. She's quite good. :D

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