Wednesday, 20 April 2011


A Wank Wednesday entry.


She is tied, hand and foot, to his desk chair in his office. He sits here, thinking of binding her as he talks coolly with China, of teasing her as he settles million-pound deals with the USA, of fucking her as he chats with his secretary on the intercom.

He tilts her head to kiss her neck. She shivers, his soft lips a whisper against her heated skin. His hand is motionless between her thighs, her cunt a throbbing testament to their shared desires. As he slides himself inside her tight wetness, he smiles. Work is rarely this much fun.


Can I work for him please?

Delightful, thanks for joining in this week.

Deliciously erotic, Thanks. James.

That must be quite an office. Liked it, smiled at the ending - I bet it was fun...

They say that power is an aphrodisiac. I'm not certain of that. But writing like this definitely is. :o)

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