Sunday, 14 August 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: 14/08/11

Ooh, I've never posted one of these before! Here are six sentences from an as yet unnamed story that I'm working on for an anthology submission:

The vodka burned as Claire swallowed but hit her system almost immediately, making her head spin. Perfect, she was drunk enough to do something ridiculous. She stood up and stalked slowly over to Nick, motioning for him to pull his chair out. Straddling his lap, she leaned back against the table so that she perched neatly on the end of his knees. Taking hold of his hands, she placed them on the top button of her blouse and bit her lip as she looked at him, willing him to take the hint.

“Claire,” said Tom threateningly from the other side of the table....

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Welcome to SSS. It's a fun place to be.
I loved your description -- I can SEE it. Good job.

Welcome to SSS! Great six! Hope to see you next week!

Welcome! It's a lot of fun here. :)

Great job with your first excerpt!

Great job and welcome to SSS

Welcome to SSS, Elenya! Great six :)

Yes, welcome to SSS! Love the situation your character is knowingly creating. You ended with great tension, and I'd love to see what both men will do.

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