Tuesday, 1 March 2011

One Last Time Again, Part 4

Follows on from Part 3.

I pull into the space by your house, and we get out and go into your building, your small but perfect ground floor flat. We sit in your kitchen and I sip water. We make small talk. I'm getting cold and slowly realise I'm still wearing my sweaty running gear.

“Can I use your shower?” I ask. You find me a towel and leave me in the bathroom. I turn on the shower, peel off my clothes and step in, the hot water a stark contrast to my apparently freezing body. The pounding jet is heaven against my sore limbs. I wonder again why I'm here.

The shower opens and you're standing there, looking at me. I know that I'm naked but I don't feel embarrassed. Even after all the time we've been apart, being with you is still natural, like breathing. Water is spilling onto the floor and I wonder what you want. Quietly, you slip your clothes off and step into the shower with me, pulling the door closed. It's not a small cubicle, but it's still cramped with both of us here. I put my arms around you, pull you in towards me. The shower is still on and our skin clings together as the water coats our naked bodies. You're warm and soft against me, your arms strong around me. I let my hands slip down towards your bottom and caress the curve of your buttocks. God, how had I forgotten about the perfection of your body? You are semi-erect, a weight against my crotch but not hard yet. I imagine you swelling against me, the firm length of your shaft in my hand, how you would feel slipping inside me, how good it would feel to have my aching void finally filled, up and up until I want to explode...

There's a small moan and I realise it's me. I arch my back as you pull me roughly towards you, your hand once again going to the nape of my neck so that you can pull me into kiss you. Except this time, it's not sweet or soft, it is hungry and needing, and my world dissolves around me as I lose myself in you. There is only you, and me, and this kiss, and I forget everything but how much I want you, how much I need you, how I've ached and there has been nothing that has satisfied me until now, when you are here against me. I become aware of my body once again as you push me against the wall of the shower, a sharp cold against my back which knocks my breath from my lungs, or perhaps that was the force with which you pressed your body against mine, your need as evident as mine. The shower is still on, somewhere down your left shoulder, the water running down your body and over mine, erotic rivers stimulating my skin with the need for your fingers on me. Your hands have found my breasts, nerve ends all ablaze as your fingers brush against them, my nipples tight and responsive as you thumb them, over and over. I am aware of noise, and I notice that you are moaning, and I find that my hands are still on your buttocks, pulling your crotch against mine so that I can grind against you, your hardness stimulating my clit and pulling ragged gasps from my throat.

You slip your fingers down my body, lower and lower. I can feel myself tightening as your fingers approach, my imagination already telling me how my body will tense as your fingers slip into me, pleasure washing over me as you rub small circles over my button until my whole body trembles with the weight of the climax building inside me, to release in waves of fire through every limb... Your fingers hover in the hair of my crotch and my mouth is dry, but I am so wet, waiting for you to own me again.

“Please,” I whisper breathlessly, and you slowly, teasingly, ease your fingers into my wetness, drag it backwards and forwards against my swollen clit, so gently that I am trembling with the need to have you pressing harder against me. You moan, something guttural and unintelligible, and I almost scream, I am so turned on by your response to your effect on me. I am almost crying with the need to have you in me. I find your cock, hold it in my hands, gently rub up and down until you are reduced to short breaths, as am I. You are so hard against me, ready to enter me, and I can feel you inside me already, feel the glorious tightrope between pleasure and pain as you pull in and out, your orgasm just a few more thrusts away...


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