Wednesday, 23 March 2011


A very short but sweet first attempt at a Wank Wednesday prompt. I didn't manage to find my muse on this one but I've tried, at least! Go have a look at Ruby's website, there's some delightful stuff on there. :)


Shannon knew that it was tantamount to prostitution to bed a Jer'Tht but she needed to know. She had long fantasised about being brought by multiple limbs, some entirely useless apart from for this purpose.

Lee was gentle but forceful, battering Shannon's senses as he stroked, squeezed and penetrated her simultaneously. He seemed thrilled by her response, yet he never spoke. Shannon couldn't concentrate on the curious hue of her tormentor, such was the intensity with which he worked her.

When it was over, Shannon felt a pang of loss, knowing that six hands were indeed far superior to two.


I had to giggle at your description - I did a fantasy series last year but... nothing like this. You made me laugh - in the middle of the night - alone. Thank you.

Hehe I got a chuckle out this.

ooh so close to Veruca Salts 8 arms to hold you ;) I like.

Thank you very much! I'm pleased I could amuse you. :)

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