Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Erotic Meet, 29th May

Better late than never!

It's already Wednesday, I realise, but I've only just found two minutes to myself to write about my experiences of the Erotic Meet I attended on Sunday in London. Please excuse me if I ramble...

I began this blog as an experiment with a friend in order to write more but as I hide behind this pen name I get a bit nervous about giving away too much about myself. I'm starting to realise that this is totally ridiculous, nobody is going to find me here if I don't want them to, so I'm making a decision to be more open. I feel (and various friends have encouraged me) that my writing is reaching publishable quality, and I'm starting to look at publishers and how to submit things and what to submit etc.

When Annie Player tweeted just a few weeks back about organising a meet up of Erotic type folks I knew that I had to be there. London isn't exactly on my doorstep and I've just been made redundant so my finances aren't looking stunning but I just knew that it would be the push I need to stop thinking and fretting and actually do something. My aim in going was to meet published folk and learn a little more about their stories (both their own and their fiction) and I was not disappointed.

I'd more or less stopped being nervous as the meet was arguably the most normal thing that happened to me this weekend but I still had little butterflies when I met Annie just inside the door of Ed's Diner. Who do I introduce myself as? What if people don't like me? My nerves was totally unnecessary. I don't think I could have imagined a more diverse group of people and yet we got on like a house on fire. It was a friendly, open, joyous evening of talking and sharing and encouraging and it was well worth the trip. I'm already attempting to plan my life around getting to the next one on 1st July.

The other attendees have given their own accounts of the evening so instead of repeating them I shall link you to them:

Annie Player - author, poet, artist and all-round lovely person. Incredibly organised.

John Yossarian - Quite nuts. Turned up looking quite sweaty, having run from Victoria.

Josh Brandon - his book, "The Gay Escort Guide to Getting Rich… and Staying Rich" will be out in July. Won the style award!

Unseen Words - setting up their own nook in Erotic publishing, Liz and Andy "the Tech" were a fountain of useful knowledge.

Meg Philip - author of Love By Text and Just Being Friendly. It was useful to hear about her self-publishing experiences.

MrOhYes - has already published a book, Little Black Book, and Little Black Book 2 will be out fairly soon. He had some fairly epic pictures with him.

Nonika is organising an Erotic reading at Sh! in London on 17th June, which I appear to have signed up to be involved with. Watch this space.


I'm strangely flattered by being described as "nuts". It suits me.

I keep winning Awards lately. My luck is in haha. Look forward to next time. More casual maybe, we'll see :)

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