Sunday, 26 June 2011

Review of Reawakening by Charlotte Stein

I was lucky enough to get this as a review copy from Charlotte herself, but you can buy it here, and probably various other outlets. You can find more about Charlotte Stein on her website (and it's well worth reading, cos she's really funny.)

I loved this book. I mean, really LOVED this book. I'm hard pushed to think of a book I have enjoyed more in the last number of months, especially in the erotica genre, and doubly so for paranormal erotica.

Reawakening is about June, who, having spent two-odd years on the run with her now zombiefied (and dead) best friend, finds herself suddenly in safety with two attractive men. Slowly, she begins to realise what it's like to feel again, to not live in constant fear, and the two attractive men cause all kinds of interesting feelings...

The book is written in a very conversational tone, which I struggled with a little at first (being a fan of very “fluffy” language) but which made the reactions and feelings of the characters very accessible. I got very immersed in June's story and the post-apocalyptic setting of the book and often found myself reading until the wee hours of the morning, unable to put the flipping thing down. Charlotte Stein has a wicked sense of humour – the intensity of the predicament of the characters is often broken up by bouts of the ridiculous and I for one have never found being turned on and then laughing my ass off to be such a strange and enjoyable combination. Its a very joyous book, which seems odd given its setting but which works well.

What's especially beautiful about the story is that attraction and sex are not commonplace in a zombie apocalypse and all the characters seem slightly nervous about the whole thing. There's a real sense of wonder and surprise in June's response to her emotions, not to mention a much more hyped up response to her sexual urges than you'd get from other settings. I sometimes teared up feeling pleased for her and other times felt very jealous that I have become complacent about sex and do not feel the same rollercoaster thrill that June does about it. The balance between the really hot sex and the emotional reactions of two men working out how to share the woman they love is carefully done, and it all comes off as very believable. Which as far as I'm concerned is pretty awesome, considering there's a zombie apocalypse going on and the practicalities of threesomes have always seemed to me to be rather less fulfilling than the idea. All in all, it's very well executed.

So in summary: The story is brilliant, the guys are very hot, the girl is lovable and the sex is epic. If I could give this book six out of five stars, then I would do.

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


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