Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Sneak Peek at "The Inititiation"

So because I've (more or less) reached 100 followers on Twitter, I want to share something fun with you. I've been holding back on various stories that I'm working on so that I can (eventually) submit them. Please appreciate this is a work in progress, and not polished yet, but here is a sneak peek of the second story from "Tales of the Fun House," entitled "The Initiation."


Sonia shivered. The basement was cold. She was kneeling in the middle of the large stone floor wearing nothing but her underwear. Her hands were cuffed behind her, the red sash wrapped around her eyes obscuring all but a shallow crack of vision which peeped around the bridge of her nose. She could see nothing but floor, small lights from the candles around the room flickering to and fro like tiny dancers, piercing the darkness. With each minute that passed she grew more tense, straining for the tiniest of sounds, struggling to fight the growing chill, waiting for something to happen. She'd been here for... a while. She couldn't place quite how long, but she had been brought down here, blindfolded, stripped of her clothing and left. At first it had been exciting, not knowing what was going to happen, waiting to see what initiation could mean, but now she was growing bored.

What's going on?” she said loudly, hoping her annoyance showed. She'd tried calling out a few times, but there had been no response. She was beginning to think she must be alone.

"Patience,” came the half-whispered response, a throaty, feminine growl, full of suspense and amusement and lust. Sonia shivered again, this time nothing to do with the cold. She didn't want that voice anywhere near her, that much she knew. Something in that voice and the way it carried around the room frightened her.

The thud of footsteps coming down the steps into the basement startled her. She had grown used to the silence and her heightened senses were bombarded by the sound. She heard a swish of cloth, a creak of leather, and a solid thump as the feet reached the floor, mere metres from her helpless form.

We can begin,” said a voice.


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